What tools do you provide for traders?

For traders, we provide Metro for trader management and PPro8™, in both Training Platform and Live modes.

What training do you provide for managers?

For managers, we provide access to the Knowledge Base, LMS, TIP, and PPro8™ Wiki. In addition, the Trading Floor Development Team trains you in how to operate your office, hire and train traders, and more.

Do you provide training?

Yes. DTTW™ provides full training for managers and traders through our suite of internal websites, virtual Trading Software, and LMS. The Trading Floor Development Team is also very active in getting new Trading Offices off the ground and trading successfully.

What is the Virtual Trading Office?

The Virtual Trading Office, or VTO, is a live broadcast of PPro8™ trading from experienced traders along with platform tips and tricks, exclusive trader interviews, and much more. As hosts of the show, the GLP Team answers questions and supports new and struggling Trading Offices using this medium, every morning from Monday to Friday.