Do you offer trading advice or strategies?

No. We offer lessons, resources, coaching, and guidance to all Trading Office managers, but we do not make any recommendations about how or what to trade. Traders must develop their own strategies based on their own research and understanding of the markets, as DTTW™ does not recommend any particular trading strategies.

What are the benefits of owning a Trading Office?

There are many benefits to owning a Trading Office, including:

  • Be your own boss
  • Use capital provided by DTTW™
  • Earn five- and six-figure incomes every month
  • Train traders to make money for you
  • Access 50+ global markets

How do I train traders to make a profit quickly?

Rather than focusing on speed, have your traders practice trading on the markets over a long period of time. It takes 10,000 trades to attain mastery of day trading, and the sooner they reach that number, the sooner they will achieve consistent profitability.

How can a Trading Office gain consistent training?

To gain consistent training, a trading room can continually practice in the PPro8™ Training Platform, complete and re-review LMS courses, connect to conference calls and the Virtual Trading Office broadcast, and work closely with the Trading Floor Development Team.

How many days does it take to train to be a day trader?

Instead of days, DTTW™ and the Trading Floor Development Team encourage traders to train on the basis of number of trades. For a person to train to be a successful day trader, it takes 10,000 trades before they can achieve a high level of competence.

What conditions are necessary for a trader to be successful?

For a person to become a successful day trader, he needs to make 10,000 trades. For this reason, the most successful traders are those who complete their LMS training, consistently practice in Training Platform, and sharpen their trading strategies as they move to Live mode.

What learning opportunities do you provide for traders?

For traders, we provide access to LMS, PPro8™ Wiki, and TIP to help them learn how to trade successfully. The rest of the learning opportunities are provided by you, the Trading Office manager, with the guidance and support of the Trading Floor Development Team.

Do you offer coaching?

Yes. For new Trading Offices, the Trading Floor Development Team offers one-on-one coaching as well as a live televised broadcast called Virtual Trading Office.

What is TIP?

‘TIP’ stands for ‘Trader Information Portal’. It is an online site, accessible only to DTTW™ traders and managers, where you can read research materials and download key resources in order to trade more effectively. It includes market news, available symbol lists, and other important information straight from our partner exchanges.