What operating system do I need in order to use the Trading Software? Are there any other requirements?

The minimum recommended requirements to use the PPro8™ Trading Software are as follows:

  • Third-Generation Intel Core i5 or i7 series processor, with 3 GB RAM and 60 GB hard drive
  • Operating System: Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8, or Windows 10
  • Wired LAN (not wifi) Internet connection with minimum 4MBps bandwidth (business service)
  • One (or more) network switch for sufficient ports to connect all your workstations

What is the difference between the Live and non-Live versions of PPro8™?

PPro8™ Live allows traders to trade with real markets and real funds, in real time. The non-Live version of PPro8™, called Training Platform, allows traders to practice trading with real markets and virtual funds, in real time. Please note that symbol availability in the Training Platform is not necessarily an indication of symbol availability in Live.

Can I try the PPro8™ platform first? Why is there no free demo?

In order to try the PPro8™ platform, you must first sign up as a new office with DTTW™. For proprietary reasons, we do not make PPro8™ available to individuals who are not signed up with us. And while there is no free demo for you to try, you can still book a software demo through our Book a Demo page, where a company representative will show you what PPro8™ looks and works like firsthand.

Do you offer demos?

We offer the PPro8™ Training Platform, a simulated trading environment where new traders can practice trading on global markets using virtual funds. We also provide live demos of PPro8™ features and functions through our Virtual Trading Office televised broadcast. Lastly, you can book a free software demo through our Book a Demo page.