How do I find traders?

There are several ways to find traders to hire for your Trading Office, including:

  • Job posting websites
  • University/college job fairs
  • Word-of-mouth
  • Personal references
  • Open houses
  • Newspaper ads

When do you recommended that I recruit traders?

We recommend that you recruit traders as soon as your office opens. To run a successful Trading Office, it must be more than a one-man operation. The more traders you hire, the greater the likelihood that your office will be profitable over the long term.

Do I need to be a successful trader to run a successful trading office?

You do not need to be a successful trader in order to run a successful trading office. In fact, to be truly successful with our business model, the manager of an office should not trade at all. Instead, you should focus on maximizing profits by training other people in how to trade the markets.

What is the Metro system?

Metro is DTTW™’s proprietary business process management system. It was designed to assist managers in performing a variety of daily tasks to efficiently manage their Trading Offices. Metro processes include New Trader Request, Office Training Platform to Live Mode, Settlements, and much more.

My Internet is not very stable. Will that be a problem?

It is very important that the Internet connection for your office is stable and reliable. We encourage all Trading Offices to subscribe to commercial-grade Internet services so that our software and sites work properly on your machines.

How do traders make money?

Traders make money by trading the markets. The profit they make goes to the office owner/manager, who then gives traders their cut of total office profits. The cut or commission traders earn is at the manager’s/owner’s discretion.