How do I keep the traders working for my Trading Office for a long time? How do I keep them from leaving to start their own office?

You can retain your traders over the long term by offering them incentives and opportunities for advancement. For example, you can increase their cut of trading profits, promote them to managerial positions within your office, and offer perks like health benefits, bonuses, paid vacations, and complimentary meals.

What if I have just a high-end laptop and one monitor? Would I need to have at least six desktop computers with two monitors each?

For every office, we recommend setting up workstations with desktop computers and dual monitors for ease of use and system stability. You will find it easier to manage your Trading Office, and your traders will find it easier to trade, if you provide a desktop computer and at least two monitors to each person in your office. To meet policy requirements and avoid being charged the administration fee, you would need at least six computers for use by at least one manager and at least five traders.

How much capital should I budget to run an effective and efficient Trading Office?

Budgeting requirements vary from office to office. Be sure to budget enough funds to cover monthly entitlements fees for markets you want to trade, and for operational expenses arising from running your Trading Office (office rent/lease, Internet service, telephone service, computer hardware, etc.). Apart from that, trading capital will be provided to you courtesy of DTTW™ in line with your traders’ performance on the markets.

How many people do I need?

To avoid having to pay the administration fee, you will need at least five traders actively trading in your office, and at least one manager to run the office day to day.

How many computers do I need?

To operate an office in Live mode, you need five computers for five traders, one computer for the manager (more if you have more than one manager), and optionally one computer to use as a backup in case of a disconnection or other issue with a computer.

How does the Trading Office work?

A standard Trading Office has at least one manager, at least one finance representative, and five or more traders working in it at any given time. The traders trade the markets, the finance representative handles the finances, and the manager handles day-to-day operations. Each person has their own workstation, complete with computer, two monitors, Internet connection, and connectivity to the Trading Device.

How much money per month do I have to start with?

After the one-time setup deposit fee, you can start hiring traders to trade using the PPro8™ Training Platform virtual simulation environment. After funding your prepaid expense deposit, your traders can start trading live markets using real funds from DTTW™’s pool of capital. Assuming that you have more than five active traders, the only costs you will be responsible for are entitlement fees and transaction fees.

How will I learn how to manage traders?

Through our LMS and GLP programs, we provide new managers with full courses and support in learning how to manage a Trading Office with active traders. We also offer over 100 pages of online resources that you can read to learn more about how best to manage your office.

How many traders should I hire?

To comply with our administration policy, you must hire at least five traders to work in your office within six months of your office going Live. If you have fewer than five traders after the six-month deadline, you will be charged a monthly fee.