What is the Administration Fee?

The Administration Fee is a cost of doing business with DTTW™. In the event that you have fewer than five active traders six months after your office goes Live, you are responsible for the Administration Fee, payable monthly, until such time that you have five or more traders. Details of the fee are described in the following table:

Total Number of Active Trader Accounts per Office

Monthly Fee









5 or more

No fee


What do I do if I lose on trading in the first few months?

It is common for new Trading Offices to experience a loss in the first few months of operations. To address this issue, the Go Live Pro Team will coach you through problem areas, provide advice on how to become profitable, or potentially suggest that your office move back to Training Platform mode to get more practice in trading.

What markets can I trade?

DTTW™ provides live access to more than 40 markets, including equities, futures, forex, and cryptocurrencies across the APAC, EMEA, and NCSA world regions. A complete list of available markets is available on our internal sites.

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