What is the payout structure?

The payout structure, and the resulting cut amount, depends on the market traded, as follows:

  • Brazil Equities, Canada Equities, and US Equities: 11% for Head Office, 89% for your office
  • Brazil Futures, CME-listed Futures, Forex, Forex Metals, and NYMEX Futures: 9% for Head Office, 91% for your office
  • All other markets: 16% for Head Office, 84% for your office
  • Note: if your office's overall PNL is positive, HO takes a cut of the profit; if overall PNL is negative, HO doesn't take any cut

Can I hold positions overnight?

No. DTTW™ is in the business of day trading, and for this reason all positions must be covered, flattened, or closed out by the end of the trading day. Holding an overnight position can result in large fees.

Do you give trading signals?

No. It is the responsibility of the individual trader to do the research, conduct the necessary analysis, and make the trades when they believe is the right time.

Will you send me buy/sell signals?

No. While DTTW™ does not recommend specific times to buy or sell a stock, you can use advanced charting features to see these signals and decide for yourself. With the Chart Window in PPro8™, you can see buy/sell signals using the trend lines and moving averages features.

Which stock markets can I trade?

You can trade all stock and equities markets that DTTW™ makes available, including Bovespa, Hong Kong, NYSE, and more. A full list of available stock markets is posted on our internal sites.

Which futures markets can I trade?

You can trade all major futures markets that DTTW™ makes available, including Asia Futures, CME, NYMEX, and more. A full list of available futures markets is posted on our internal sites.

Can I trade Forex?

Yes. DTTW™ offers access to three foreign exchange markets, and they are: Forex, Forex Metals, and Mini Forex.

Can I use my own broker?

No. DTTW™ cultivates relationships with brokers on behalf of managers and traders to ensure continuous market access and symbol availability.

How do I evaluate traders before they go Live?

Before your traders go Live, you can evaluate their performance in the Training Platform. Remember to review their performance in the Summary and Trader Monitor windows in PPro8™, in LMS, as well as in Training Platform BOP in Metro. Lastly, you can hold meetings with traders, one-on-one or in groups, to discuss their progress in learning how to trade the markets at a profit.

Where can I see your trading fees?

You can see trading fees for each transaction in the Summary window in PPro8™. Fees charged for trading include gateway fees, clearing fees, and execution fees. You can also see entitlement fees in Metro.