Do you support medium-term or long-term strategies?

No. We do not support investing, swing trading, or positional trading. DTTW™ supports day trading only.

What kind of buying power can a trader receive to start?

When a trader is just starting out, he can receive buying power for trading on all markets. In the Training Platform, he is automatically approved for the maximum buying power available for all currencies. In Live, he can be automatically approved for buying power up to set limits, after which point an explanation is required stating the reason for the higher request, which is then reviewed and either approved or denied by the Risk Team.

How does the transfer of funds (settlements) work?

During the last week of every month, the settlements statement is published in Metro for the previous month’s trading. The Finance Rep of your office then has a few days to review and confirm settlement amounts, cover losses and exchange currencies, and allocate and send funds to registered bank accounts. When that is done, the Finance Team sends bank wire transfers to your office for the total settlement amount.

How much money can I make?

There is no limit to how much money you can make. Some of our most successful Trading Office managers earn tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, sometimes even more.