What lot size can I trade?

The minimum allowed lot size varies from market to market. However, the most common lot size is 100 shares.

What is the forex spread?

The forex spread varies from currency pair to currency pair. There is no single spread that covers all of them.

Is there slippage while trading with you?

Slippage is kept to an absolute minimum thanks to our proprietary software and business systems. You can be confident that when you trade with us, your orders will get filled promptly at the right price.

Do you allow hedging?

Yes. We allow hedging trading strategies, where day traders can reduce the amount of risk exposure they experience on a market by trading one security, and then offsetting it by trading another security.

How do I know if a trade is legal or not?

If your trade is potentially illegal – for example, a wash trade – then our proprietary risk management system will automatically reject the order before it reaches the market, and flag it for review. If you continue to allow any of your traders to make potentially illegal trades, your office’s trading access may be closed out or shut down for the day, and our Risk Team will get in touch with you to discuss the suspicious trading activity.

Why is there only an 84% return for non–North American markets?

We at DTTW™ feel that an 84% payout to Trading Offices for profits on non–North American markets is both fair and reasonable. Our cut of 16% is small, but it is enough to cover our company expenses to ensure that we can continue to remain in business and provide top-notch service to our partners.