How do you conduct identity verification?

At DTTW™, we take security very seriously, and for that reason we require identity verification for all office owners, managers, and traders. To verify your identity, we may ask for a scan of your government-issued photo ID, a photo of you holding your ID, as well as your mobile phone number for SMS verification.

Do I have to pay a monthly fee?

If you trade in Live mode on markets not covered by the DTTW™ entitlements promotion, you will have to pay the monthly entitlement fees for those markets. If you have fewer than five active traders six month after going Live, you will have to pay the monthly administration fee. In additional to the monthly fees, you are responsible for the transaction fees charged on each trade.

Why can’t I open a new office in certain cities?

Due to exclusivity agreements, it may not be possible for you to open a new office in a certain city. The city may already have other DTTW™ Trading Offices operating within it. You may not be able to open a new office if there are already many other Trading Offices open in it.